A Lil' About Us

The vision behind Batique, is to fuse the age old tradition of Batik, with the evolutionary demands of modern fashion.

Formulated and conceived in 2016, Batique's purpose has always been driven by the need to put Nusantara culture on a global platform. Batik, is an identity deep rooted within the history and culture of South East Asia.

With adaptations made to the variety of Batik apparels, we at Batique are able to attract a younger, modern & more fashionable demographic, daring enough to don Batik casually and formally.

For a period of time, the culture of Batik was lost amongst the millenials. It was of great importance to create relevance and education around Batik, to ensure that its beauty is not lost with time.

Batique now targets a healthy market consisting mainly of Gen Zs and Millenials, and rightfully so, as these group of people will be the ambassadors of Batik, as we seek further for an international audience.

Batique has consistently served customers beyond South East Asia, such as United States, Australia and United Kingdom. It's a testament to our mission, to gain recognition far and beyond, for the beautiful culture ours.